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Category Criteria

Smiliest Server

This award is for a person who has a customer facing role in the community. This person must be incredibly friendly and smile no matter what the weather. They may make you laugh, they may know your pets name, but most importantly they go above and beyond giving the best customer service with a smile on their face and a great attitude in their heart. They serve to assist others, make us happy and they naturally do so. Has such a person helped you to your car with your bags when its throwing down with rain? How do they go above and beyond to make you happy? Do they always remember your order? This person could work in the local supermarket, shop, café, restaurant or pub. Tell us all about this person what they do and why they should be honoured with “Smiliest Server” title.

Community Champion

Do you know a person who may have supported an individual and/or a family, or who has made a significant contribution to the community? This award not only recognises, encourages and rewards people who make a difference within their community but inspires others to do the same. The award will be made to an individual whose time, effort, support and aspirations have made a notable contribution within their community for the benefit of those who live there. This person, for example could be a volunteer in a local club, a fundraiser, a leader of a children’s group or a wellbeing and health promoter. In whichever capacity this person serves in the community, they improve lives, bring the community together, they are continually shaping and motivating, offering support and sharing skills with others, removing barriers and promoting inclusivity. Tell us about that person and let us crown them “Community Champion”.


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