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Nominations open Monday 15th April 2024!

Entries close Friday 7th June 2024.

All nominations are subject to the Terms and Conditions.

Category criteria

This award is for a person who has a customer facing role in the community. This person must be incredibly friendly and smile no matter what the weather. They may make you laugh, they may know your pets name, but most importantly they go above and beyond giving the best customer service with a smile on their face and a great attitude in their heart. They serve to assist others, make us happy and they naturally do so. Has such a person helped you to your car with your bags when its throwing down with rain? How do they go above and beyond to make you happy? Do they always remember your order? This person could work in the local supermarket, shop, café, restaurant or pub. Tell us all about this person what they do and why they should be honoured with “Smiliest Server” title.

We spend much of our waking hours with our work colleagues and they often become our lifelong friends. Why not reward your special colleague! Who in your workplace always brings in the cake? Who brightens up your day in the office?  Do you have a motivational team leader? Is there a person at your place of work that is always positive, always smiles, is always willing to go the extra mile? This person will promote a sense of community within the workplace. They could have worked at the company the longest, they may be your “go-to” person when your computer misbehaves or when your spreadsheet disappears!  You may work with this person or they may work for you; whatever their position, they will have a tremendous work ethic. They are motivational, they shine, and they are so worth it! We need to know about them and crown them in our new category “Colleague of the Year”.

If we ever get sick, we are incredibly grateful to the person who cares for us. In this category, we want to celebrate someone who has made a real impact on the quality of life of an individual. They may work in a local care home, provide some type of home-based care service, they could be your partner, they could even be your child. This person could aid in a day care situation, offer a community-based care service. They are often Ely’s unsung heroes, the care they give is incredible and you certainly couldn’t do without them. If your life has been touched by such a special person tell us and let us know why they should win the “Caring Champion Award”.

This award is to recognise a professional in the community who really makes a difference and goes above and beyond. This could be your fitness instructor, doctor, dentist, nurse, paramedic, mechanic, chemist, builder, solicitor, accountant, chiropractor, osteopath, beauty therapist to name but a few (other professions are available). They are amazing because of what they have done for you, how they have made you feel and how they made a difference in your life. This person is incredibly positive and inspiring, they always provide a truly professional service with a kindly approach. Tell us about this person so they can win the much coveted “Most Amazing Professional Award”.

Do you have a neighbour who undoubtedly knows what “community” means? Is there a neighbour that always looks after your dog, helps you with your shopping, keeps your street or village tidy? This award recognises an individual who has gone the extra mile to be a good neighbour and is for that person who gives their time to someone who needs company, support and acts selflessly toward making a neighbour’s life more pleasant. They could have lived by you for many years, they could be new on the block, but they truly care about their neighbours so show this person have much you value them! Tell us about this person and why they should win “Neighbour of the Year Award”.

This very special community award has been re-named “The Mike Rouse Community Champion Award” in honour and recognition of Michael Rouse for his upmost commitment and support of the community of Ely and surrounding villages during his lifetime. A great supporter of the Ely Hero Awards, we are very proud to reward other such Heroes in the honour of Mike.  Do you know a person who may have supported an individual and/or a family, or who has made a significant contribution to the community? This award not only recognises, encourages and rewards people who make a difference within their community but inspires others to do the same. The award will be made to an individual whose time, effort, support and aspirations have made a notable contribution within their community for the benefit of those who live there. This person, for example could be a volunteer in a local club, a fundraiser, a leader of a children’s group or a wellbeing and health promoter. In whichever capacity this person serves in the community, they improve lives, bring the community together, they are continually shaping and motivating, offering support and sharing skills with others, removing barriers and promoting inclusivity. Tell us about that person and let us crown them “Community Champion”.

Introduced in 2024 as part of the Mike Rouse Community Champion Award, the Environmental Champion recognises and promotes the most noteworthy and successful efforts of individuals or organisations whose actions have a transformative impact on the local environment. We are therefore searching for an “Environmental Champion” to reward and celebrate their achievements. 

At the core of their role they will be promoting practices relating to sustainability, encouraging effective resource use and implementing solutions and policies for a greener planet. They may have committed to sustainable goals, such as reducing their carbon footprints and conserving resources and leading by example to help others to do the same. We will be looking for all green activities that have helped reduce emissions, cut waste, clean up or help to protect nature. With the climate crisis of growing prominence the role of an Environmental Champion is more crucial than ever. 

We are looking for a Hero that inspires, defends, acts and mobilises to save the planet.

The work of teachers has a profound effect on a person’s life. Their work and effect of that can span right into the future. Is there a teacher who has taken a special interest in your life or the life of your child enabling great achievement? This teacher should be truly inspirational, they will be someone who touch hearts and minds. They can be from a pre-school, primary, high school, special needs school/unit or college. They will have provided support, motivation and above all work hard to inspire. This teacher should have made a significant difference to the learning experience in the class and or for a student. If this sounds like your teacher, then show your appreciation and help celebrate them, let us know all about what they do and nominate them for this truly inspirational award.

We are looking for a child (under the age of 18) in our community who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in their life. They may have overcome great odds or made sacrifices above and beyond their years. The nominee may have excelled academically, achieved great sporting success, raised money for a good cause, or been a great support to someone with an illness. This child could have battled or even be battling through a traumatic experience or illness of their own. This child is a true inspiration and touches the hearts of those around them.  Do you know a child like this because we want to know about them and celebrate their achievements! This award also incorporates an extra special and additional element in the memory of Jay Davison – a previous Child of Achievement Winner. This part of the award recognises the courage and bravery of a child who has or is battling an illness or a disability and is called The Jay Davison Child of Achievement Award.

This person has been dedicated to sport or physical activity over many years. Their sporting skills, sheer achievement and excellence in their chosen activity shines through. This may be an individual who eats, breathes, sleeps sport, it could be a sporting coach or mentor that has for many years supported our local sporting talent. They could be a fitness coach, the person who tirelessly washes the kit, a fundraiser for a local sports team, above all their commitment to sport is paramount. They are strong, they are disciplined, they could have negotiated physical or emotional pitfalls in their life, but it is their ability and focus that makes them stand out. If you know a person like this, nominate them and let us reward them as a “Sporting Hero”.

This award is the highlight of the night! Nominations are taken from both entries to the category and from any other categories the judges feel would be appropriate because of what the nominee has done. The award will go to someone who judges believe stand out above all other nominations. The Ely Hero Award will look to reward someone who has done something truly remarkable and inspirational. They will have shown courage, be selfless, they won’t purposely look for praise, they will be concerned about others in need, have a desire to defend a moral cause, all without expectation of a reward. We want to celebrate and embolden this person to carry on and encourage others to do the same.

Nomination radius

Nominations are accepted from individuals, community groups and businesses living or operating in Ely and surrounding villages within a 10 mile radius of Ely.