Who can make a nomination in the Ely Hero Awards?
An individual can nominate a Hero for an Ely Hero Award. The only exemption would be a member of the judging panel.  A Business Sponsor cannot make a nomination within the Category they Sponsor - for further details please see the Terms and Conditions.
What is the eligibility for a nomination?
Can groups be nominated?
Do I need to ask permission from the nominee to nominate?
How do I make a nomination?
How long will I have to make a nomination?
Can I make more than 1 nomination?
Can I nominate a person in more than 1 Category?
How will my nominee know they have been nominated?
I've been nominated for an award in previous years, can I still be nominated?
What chance do I have of being shortlisted?
When will I know if I have been shortlisted in the process?
If I have been contacted by the Judging Panel in order to meet with them, what can I expect?
How will I know my nomination has been finalised and what are the next steps for me?
I've been invited to the Award Ceremony, what is it like, what can I expect?
Nominations are accepted from individuals, community groups and businesses living or operating in Ely and surrounding villages within a 10 mile radius of Ely.

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