Ely Heroes Introduce new Honorary Award named after Child of Achievement Winner Jay Davison

Ely Hero Awards will introduce a new award for 2020 entitled the “Jay Davison Bravery Award”, the award to be given out later this year will form part of the Child of Achievement Category sponsored by Crown Garage Honda in Soham. The award will be given to a child who as demonstrated fearlessness, courage and bravery in the face of illness, just like Jay who sadly passed away earlier in the year from a rare form of childhood cancer.

The Ely Hero Awards Team said “We are absolutely delighted to be introducing this award in honour of Jay Davison who epitomised everything Ely Hero Awards stand for. Jay’s bravery and courage shone constantly, he was a ray of sunshine to everyone he met, and we were so privileged to be introduced to Jay and his family through the awards. It is a fitting tribute to Jay and his memory, and we are very proud to be presenting this award for the first time at the 2020 Ceremony.”

Jay’s family: Mum and Dad -Martin, Kiely and sisters Bryony and Teagan will present the special award for the first time at this year’s ceremony. Mum Kiely says “Jay has been our hero since the day of his diagnosis, for him to win the Child of Achievement award made him so happy and proud. Since Jay left us we’ve been thinking of ways to honour his memory. When we were approached about the award in Jays name we were all thrilled. We miss our little hero more than anything but having this award in his name brings him back to us in a small way”

Child of Achievement Sponsor, Andy Harrison of Crown Garage, Soham says “Everyone at Crown Garage Honda has been honoured to be involved with Ely Hero Awards from the start and the highlight is always meeting the incredible children. We were especially blown away by Jay, as his courage, bravery and character always shone through. We can’t think of a more fitting accolade for Jay than to have an award named after him. He will continue to inspire other children with difficulties and pass on his unbelievable determination. Jay’s family should be very proud as we are to be associated with such a special young man.”

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