Ely Hero Awards 2020 Finalists – Community Champion

Introducing our Ely Hero Award finalists for 2020-21.

Jules Hillier

Jules set up Ely Community Covid-19 Mutual Aid group on Facebook in March and within 24 hours got 1,000 members – this has since risen to more than 2,500 members. From these members 240 people volunteered to help and regularly support more than 80 vulnerable local people. Jules is keen to point out that many people contributed to the success of the group, however, if it wasn’t  for Jules seeing the need and taking action, the group would not have been formed and the good work would not have happened. Jules nominee says “Through the Ely Community Covid-19 Mutual Aid group she has helped bring the local community in Ely together, helping to improve the lives of those in her community both in need of assistance but also giving those who want to help an avenue to do this”

Rosie Holliday

Rosie came up with the idea of decorating the Kings School Christmas tree with hundreds of Memory Baubles to give local people an opportunity to remember loved ones who have died. The scheme involved selling decorated baubles in local charity shops and raised around £2,000 for local good causes like, Talking Freely which is a support group for people experiencing mental health issues. Rosie has lots more ideas for bringing the community together and for making positive things happen! Her nominee says “ Rosie has an infectious positivity and strives to make sure everyone she comes into contact with is OK, she makes real connections, an asset to our community”.

Hayley Ellis

Hayley has created multi-media sites for multiple ecological projects providing information, signposting and resources accessed by more than 3,000 local people. Interest in Hayley’s on-line posts has led to the formation of a Committee, chaired by Hayley, which works with the local council, schools and the press to encourage local people to think before they throw away. The tips and tricks she posts help the community to be better informed about the environmental impact of the choices they make.  One of her multiple nominators says “Hayley works tirelessly for the benefit of Ely with the sole purpose of making our world a better place to live”.

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