Ely Hero Awards 2020 Finalists – Colleague of the Year

Introducing our Ely Hero Award finalists for 2020-21.

Lola Howell

Naturally sunny and friendly, Lola is the Manager of The Maltings in Ely. Lola and her team have increased the range of events at the Maltings and transformed it into a lively, welcoming place. “Lockdown” has been a difficult time having to undo and rearrange many planned activities while being at the forefront of customer service. Nothing is too much trouble for Lola, and this is truly recognised by the nominations from her colleagues. As a leader, Lola employs a caring approach. She allows opportunities for growth within the team and does so in a way that is empathetic and motivational. One colleague says “Lola has never seen my disability as a barrier, she has strived to make me a better employee”

Naomi McCrombie

Naomi is the Operations Manager of Atrium Fitness. An employee of the company for many years, she is highly organised and visionary in her approach to the management of the staff team as well as the logistical operation of the organisation. The lockdown has caused many challenges for this industry, but Naomi is extremely hard working and highly thought of by the team, together they have created a “new normal”. Her colleagues say that she always sees their better side and provides them a confidence building lift when needed. She does everything with a smile on her face and even when dealing with some extremely difficult personal circumstances, has rarely had a day off. This provides inspiration to everyone she works with. She also makes great coffee!

Jake Ellis

At just 21 years old, Jake has already built a range of skills and experience in the family business. His level of ambition is infectious. He is always looking at the company model and wants to adapt the organisation to meet the modern market as well as carrying out day to day duties with skill and endeavour. He spends hours researching and training to build up appropriate qualifications to allow the business to expand into new areas. He is a very polite and courteous young man, nothing is too much trouble and feedback from his customers is outstanding. Jake was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s but has not let this be a barrier to his ambitions. He is a real inspiration for someone so young.

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