Ely Hero Awards 2020 Finalists – Caring Companion

Introducing our Ely Hero Award finalists for 2020-21.

Ros Paynes

Working for the Edmunds Trust which gives respite and community care to disabled clients and their families on a long term basis, Ros works regularly with a young man and his family for part of the year but she also spends time every year in Thailand working with an orphanage and outdoor projects to support local people and children.  She does not consider this her job but is delighted to find her niche to support others, she is very humble in the way she describes her role.

“Always happy and smiling” is how her nominator describes her “Rose funds herself to go to Thailand, always putting others needs at heart”.

Leonie Matthews

A bubbly 22 year old Trainee Senior Carer at Soham Lodge, Leonie loves her job as it is something she always wanted to do. She loves to spend time with residents, is good at gauging moods and working with them on a one to one basis supporting activities arranged such as singing, ensuring everyone enjoys their day and is well cared for. Leonie has introduced some new inter-generational activities such as letter writing between residents and young people. Working flat out 12 hour shifts during COVID Leonie has not taken any time off, even jumping into the role of Head Chef when needed! “Leonie is a fantastic young carer who bring joy and happiness wherever she goes” says her nominator.

Ali Daniels

Ali works in a pastoral role as Student Services Manager at Soham Village College. Described as the “school Mum” Ali deals with all the young people in the school and is glue between staff, pupils and parents, often the first point of call for support. Ali is passionate about her job, making herself available for very young students when they first arrive. Ali will be seen with brightly coloured hair so pupils can identify her. She has a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing, believing in empowering young people with coping strategies and building self-confidence. Her nominator says “I couldn’t have got through this year without the support she’s given. Nothing is ever any trouble and come what may she always has time to help us. She is always at the end of her phone. I cannot thank her enough’.

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