Ely Hero Awards 2020 Finalists – Child of Achievement

Introducing our Ely Hero Award finalists for 2020-21.

Lorretta Hellman

Lori is a very modest young person who genuinely does not seem to think that she had done anything amazing! Yet in effect if she had not pushed her boundaries and stepped into help, 7,500 people who would have struggled to have received their vital medical prescriptions in the community via a local business! Lori is socially anxious and finds it difficult to speak to strangers but has taken on the task of answering calls and arranging deliveries of medical items to vulnerable individuals in the community. She has built rapports with the community that has helped her overcome some of her own personal challenges. Lori’s nominee says “she has been unseen and unknown but she is a Hero!”

James Homent

James is a confident but unassuming young man who initiated Ely College to become an Eco School and achieve a bronze award! He is passionate about green issues and has lots of ideas of how he can guide the school towards a silver award. He is a member of the “Eco Ely” Group and plays an active role tree planting, publicly speaking and presenting on behalf of this community group. At 13 years old, he is undeniably passionate and determined to make a difference on environmental issues and pushing for a positive change in Ely. He also regularly participates in charity and community events to raise money for good causes. James’s nominee says “he is an amazing asset to the Eco Community, tirelessly searching for solutions to make positive changes”

Bradley Watts

A confident and mature 9 year old, Bradley gained inspiration from a family friend who is a Nurse and the War Veteran, Sir Tom to raise money running for the NHS. Despite his asthma he is determined to keep active, so Bradley arrange to run 6K a day (30K in total) around his local village recreation ground in Isleham in order to raise vital funds for the NHS. Bradley’s fundraising efforts resulted in a fabulous £1000 to help support his chosen cause. A busy and dedicated student at a local school with other sporting commitments, Bradley wanted to give his free time to help the national heroes and give something back. His mum says, “Bradley is always wanting to help others, he is our little hero!”

Maisie Prigg

11 year old Maisie became very unwell at the age of 3 years old requiring high dependency treatment. This has led to several diagnoses including Gastrointestinal, respiratory and ENT problems. Her young life has revolved around illness and hospital visits both locally and to see her specialists at a Children’s Hospital with a 6 hour round trip each time. Despite this Maisie never feels sorry for herself and always thinks of others first.  Sadly, she has been unable to access school for over a year which has had a huge impact on her but has been using a variety of virtual platforms to keep in touch with her closest friends. She has had some very frightening experiences including being blue lighted in to Resus /A&E countless times. Maisie loves Gymnastics when she is well enough to access it . Her interest is drama too.  Not to forget her pets, she always has her beloved dog by her side. This young Lady has battled on despite what life has thrown at her, surrounded by the deep love and support of parents, she continues to be an inspiration to those who know her. Her mum describes her as “a special gift”


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