Ely Hero Awards 2020 Finalists – Best Teacher

Introducing our Ely Hero Award finalists for 2020-21.

Sophie Martin

Initially beginning as a volunteer, Sophie has worked at Ely College for over 6 years becoming a higher level teaching assistant. As a very engaged teacher, Sophie received multiple nominations from her students, with a focus on pastoral care she trained as a mental health professional gaining an “ELSA” qualification. Students and parents alike have benefited from Sophie’s care and enthusiasm , being described as “the most inspirational human being I have ever met” by one nominee “no matter what you are going through Miss Martin is always there and really gets you”. Bringing positivity and laugher to her classroom she makes the learning experience a pleasure and teaches young people how to handle their emotions.

Robyn Dalby Stockwell

An 80 something year old lady, Robyn has been teaching for over 50 years with a focus on dyslexia. Originally from New Zealand, Robyn trained in law and wanted to be New Zealand’s first female judge.  Upon moving to the UK she moved into teaching and that is where she built her career. She was award an MBE by the Queen 3 years ago through her work on synthetic phonics. Robyn has tirelessly taught and helped underprivileged children to read and write with a firm believe that it is it every child’s right to be able to do so. Robyn still privately tutors today seven days a week and is devoted to the world of literacy and to her students, many of which would have been written off by schools.

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