VIP Invite for Ely Hero Award Winners!

Ely Heroes 2018, Children of Achievement Winners received a special invitation this week to be VIP guests of Ely Hero Awards Business Sponsor, Crown Garage Honda in Soham for their annual open day.

Kiera, Alfie and Jay were invited along with their families to the open day at Crown Garage and were treated to a Honda Racing Car Simulator ride. 7-year-old Jay completed the laps in the 2nd fastest time during the day! Kiera had great fun speeding around the track avoiding all the obstacles.

Alfie whose hobby is performing Magic Tricks wowed guests with some of his amazing card tricks. Alfie regularly performs his magic tricks at Charity Events and is planning another event later in the year to raise money for a Children’s Cancer Charity.

Crown Garage treated its guests to a fabulous hog roast. The Raptor Foundation brought along a wonderful selection of Owls they look after. They made it possible to hold the owls, which many guests did, and they provided excellent educational insights into the beautiful birds.

Guests could have a seat in a car of the future – a Hydrogen fuel cell powertrain Car, the Clarity. It was very intriguing to see how the car fuels and plans to be truly environmentally friendly.

Organisers of Ely Hero Awards, Metro Rod Cambridge were thrilled to be present during the day along with Infiniti Graphics who produce the website, promotional materials and help organise the event. The search for the heroes of Ely and district will commence at the beginning of March when the exciting community event will be launched. Keep up with all the news on Facebook and Twitter

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